Adorn your wrist (or both wrists) with soft leather in a wide style with no buckle. Primary strap is made from soft and thick buffalo or bullhide in your choice of many colors. The liner can be thin deerhide, thin black buffalo, or the thicker material identical to the primary outer strap. Rabbit fur or sheep wool are also liner material options

Line 24 snaps are used as closures for this cuff. Your cuff will have 2 of these very strong snaps holding it closed. Choose your color and metal type of snap from the menu. Price is per cuff, so if you want a pair, order quantity = 2. Price is for a wrist cuff, size max is 8.5 inches. If you'd like a cuff in a size larger than 8.5, please contact Lagarto for pricing information (or you may order and pay the difference on a new order to cover that cost, after you've been told what you need to pay).

Due to the nature of this design, there is no size adjustment possible. Beware, if you gain or lose more than 10 pounds, you may find the fit no longer works. You can always have the cuff rebuilt in a new size for half price, but this cuff should be ordered by/for folk who have a fairly stable body weight.

Liner of thick buffalo or bullhide will look like the photo. Liner of thin buffalo, deer or rabbit fur will have a stair step of outer strap overlap, as there is no thicker inner liner to use a snap through.

Add decorative edge stitching to the primary strap in your choice of 24 colors for $20 extra.

Proper Fit:
1. When measuring your body part circumference, round up to the next higher quarter inch. For example 7.125" rounds up to 7.25".
2. If you want a cuff to fit loosely, choose a half inch larger than your circumference measurement.
3. If you want a cuff to fit snug, choose a half inch smaller than your circumference measurement

Please read additional information about materials durability and warranty following the links at the bottom of any page on this website. If the collar wearer wishes to bathe/swim/sleep with the collar on, or will sweat profusely, please consider GatorStrap™ collars offered here.

Buffalo or Bullhide Pad Strap Cuff with Liner

  • Brand: Lagarto
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  • $70.00

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