Warranty & Returns


Strap products are very personal. How well they perform and last will depend greatly upon how often they are worn and how well they are maintained. If you ever have a snap, rivet, or buckle fail, it will be replaced at no charge, for the life of your product. You will be responsible for the shipping to and from, if the failure is from excessive stress. If the failure is from poor materials or methods, I will refund your shipping cost for transit to me, and also pay for the return shipping.

For the lifetime of your strap product - if you are at any time unsatisfied with the piece, you can get a 50% credit of the CURRENT CATALOG PRICE for the item you have, to spend on ANY new strap item(s). Is that leather collar oily or worn out to the point where it is no longer usable? Send it back (or drop it off at a convention), and you can choose the same style, different collar type, or buy a set of cuffs or a belt. Doesn't fit anymore? Dog chewed up your collar? Cat dragged your cuff into the litter box? No problem, I will make a new one just like the original, or something completely different as you desire. For a half off discount on a replacement piece, you need to send me the original one for disposal.

Replacement math: You bought a collar 4 years ago for $50. The current price is $60. Get $30 in credit to spend on a new collar that is $35, and pay $5 --or-- Get $30 in credit to spend on a new collar that is $75, and pay $45. Whatever the CURRENT price, you get half that to spend on any new strap items.

Every situation is unique, so please contact Lagarto if you are unsatisfied for ANY REASON. I will do my best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with all leather products you purchase from me. It's vital for my business that every customer is happy with my craftsmanship, so they recommend me to their friends!

Miscellaneous non-strap items may be returned for a refund (less shipping charges) or credit toward other purchases if they are in like-new condition, within 30 days of delivery. After 30 days, Lagarto will CONSIDER a reduced cost replacement, on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact Lagarto first before sending anything back, to discuss your best options for shipping. You will be issued a return authorization code so when your items arrive, Lagarto will know how to handle them and also make sure you get proper credit for the shipment.