Work Queue & Shipping

Supply orders ship the next business day after your order is placed. When you will experience a delay of more than 72 hours from the time of your supply order to the date of shipping for your order (usually due to out-of-stock issues), you will be notified directly.

Orders for custom strap items placed today will be built and shipped within 8 weeks. If you have a specific deadline for when items must arrive, please contact Lagarto BEFORE ordering anything.

Customers will receive an e-mail with a tracking number when their package has shipped. If you want a more precise time update for when your order will ship, please ask! Contact info is on the "Contact Lagarto" page linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

See a photograph of your finished item(s) on the Lagarto twitter timeline

Order numbers currently awaiting production:

519 - on hold for stitcher full maintenance (take apart and re-assemble bobbin case, lubricate everything, change needle)

Q: Lagarto, why is this queue so long? What happened?
A: Life happened. A trio of time sucking forces have conspired to take my time away from production of orders:
1. family drama, which I will not share in any detail
2. liquidation of junk that has been hoarded over the course of 2 decades. Space has become so TIGHT in my home that it is ridiculous. I can not tolerate living this way any longer. Stuff that was saved for sale at some future date is now, or it must be disposed. Living in expensive useless clutter is intolerable, has become intolerable. Check out my craigslist, offerup, and ebay if you want to help me unload any of it! (ask for the URLs).
3. household project overreach: during Covid shutdown, I endeavored to build a massive deck, a little shack in the back yard, shade covers, window wells, tree planting, house painting, countertop replacement, stone patio and hardscaping, split system airco installation, and more. Some of those projects remain partially completed, and became time sensitive. I am mostly wrapped up with all but the painting and interior finishing of the shack (drywall mud and tape, texture, paint, baseboards, window trim, and flooring), but that stuff ate my lunch back earlier in 2022. I won't bite off that much ever again, even with my big gator maw. It's too much, to also run a business and do that much home improvement. I have sensibly decided NOT to tile the kitchen walls above the new countertops, it's just going to be another week of delay and that is not fair to anyone waiting.

Yes, I am finally back at my work bench. Liquidation listings will are complete and I am fully occupied with order production. Some time is taken each day shipping out ebay packages or handling local pickup from OfferUp, but that's minimal now. I hope to complete 4-6 simple orders and 1-2 complex ones per day moving forward, and prior to my driving to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon. Check this list of numbers for progress, along with my twitter postings of projects just finished.

What carrier do you use to ship? All items ship via either United Parcel Service -OR- United States Postal Service with tracking and insurance. Yes, Lagarto is able to ship to your PO Box. If you have a specific preference for one carrier over another, please request your carrier in the notes during check out. Lagarto will choose the lower priced of the two carriers at the time of shipping unless you specify a preference.

How long will it take for Lagarto to bill my order? With both STRIPE and Amazon Payments, your order will be authorized and billed at the time you place your order. If you bought too many spikes, made a mistake and purchased 2 of the collar you wanted only 1 of, or any other problem? Contact me for a partial refund. If work has not yet begun on your order, a full refund may be issued. Be sure to ask SOON after your card is billed if you need any adjustments, as once construction begins or shipping occurs, it's too late to modify any order.

How long will a package remain in transit once it has been shipped? Generally 2-6 business days for USA 48. International shipments, generally 1-2 weeks, or longer if delayed by inefficient customs clearance.

Why is the shipping cost MORE than the actual postage cost? Insurance - plain and simple. Packaging material is also part of the cost of shipping, but insurance is expensive. All items shipped to you will be replaced if they do not arrive, at no cost to you. You can also request a full refund for any item that does not arrive, if tracking shows it as "lost". Across the entire logistics industry, items are usually back on track after being lost and delivered (late) within 30 days. Once items have been scanned, Lagarto has no more control over them - but will take full responsibility for making it right if they don't show up within a month of the ship date.

I live outside the USA, will I have to pay a customs or import duty? You may have to pay customs charges or import duties, I get very little feedback from my international buyers about this. Recently (July 2021), the EuroZone enforcement ramped up, and at least one Germany customer has reported a 6 euro service charge and 17% vat on the declared value.

Can I request a carrier other than USPS/UPS? You may email a prepaid label for your shipment to Lagarto, and not pay the shipping cost to this store. After the initial "receipt of package" scan by your choice of carrier, Lagarto assumes no responsibility for your third party shipper's loss or damage.

Can I pick up my items in person at the conventions you attend? Yes, and then your shipping charges will be refunded. This refund will either be in cash in person, or AFTER you have picked up the item. This is to avoid a shipping charge being necessary after refund, in the event you do not show up to collect your merchandise.