For fashion or function, these cuffs will add excitement to your nights. Adorn your arms and legs in your choice of hundreds of styles. Primary strap, with a pair of D rings on each cuff, is riveted to a soft leather pad for comfort and distribution of force if tugged. Longer cuffs like bicep and thigh will have 2 or 3 D rings, all on the outside, so there is no chafing or rubbing of metal parts on the inside. A cuff must have an overall length 14" or more to accommodate a third D ring. The number of options for this product are so gigantic, there WILL be pricing errors when you select additional pairs of cuffs with options like stitching, locking, powder coating, width of the pad/primary strap, rabbit fur, etc. If you desire 100% accuracy with your first and only order, contact Lagarto to discuss pricing before ordering. Otherwise, you can easily make a second payment to cover the cost of your add-on options later. There are billions of combinations, and pricing them all accurately in one catalog item is beyond current shopping cart technology.

Wrist and ankle cuffs pair price includes a single segment connector strap with scissor snap hooks, other sets do not include a connector. If you need more connectors, find those here:
Single connector
Double connector
Quad connector

Primary Straps can be made with extra length for dual use on both bare skin and over costuming or for wear by others with larger wrists.

Materials available for these cuffs:
Pad strap in thick soft buffalo or colorful bullhide.

Inner liner of matching material, or your choice in color of thin, soft deer hide. Rabbit fur or sheep wool is also available, along with white chap leather for fursuiters. Velcro hooks can be sewn in by special request for fursuiters too.

Primary strap in latigo leather or GatorStrap (1 and 1.5 inch widths only) for the UV and unusual colors. If you want UV reactive primary straps, simply mention that in the customer input box, this will override the leather primary strap color selector. Contact Lagarto after ordering if any instructions are not obvious.

Extra charges for extra long cuffs:
If you need a size larger than listed, there is a $10 charge per inch per pair. This can be paid separately after you order, or contact Lagarto for an exact quote so it can be added at the time of your first order.
Wrists - over 8" fit
Ankles - over 11" fit
Biceps - over 15" fit
Arms above elbow - over 12" fit
Arms below elbow - over 11" fit
Thighs - over 22" fit
Legs above knee - over 14" fit
Legs below knee - over 13" fit

Cuff width and hardware guide:
1.5, 2 and 2.25 inch wide pad cuff has a 1 inch primary strap with 1 inch buckles and 1 inch D-rings
2.5 inch wide pad cuff has 1.5 inch primary strap with 1.5 inch buckles and 1.5 inch D-rings
3 inch wide pad cuff has 1.5 inch primary strap with 1.5 inch buckles and 1.5 inch D-rings
3.5 inch wide pad cuff has 2 inch primary strap with 2 inch buckles and 2 inch D-rings
4 inch wide pad cuff has 2 inch primary strap with 2 inch buckles and 2 inch D-rings
4.5 inch wide pad cuff has 2.5 inch primary strap with 2.5 inch double prong buckles and 2.5 inch D-rings
5 inch wide pad cuff has 2.5 inch primary strap with 2.5 inch double prong buckles and 2.5 inch D-rings

Upgrade to a triangle-O ring, add studs, spikes, crystal rivets, bells, extra D-rings, name plates, and locking options to make it completely YOU

Add decorative edge stitching to the primary and/or pad strap in your choice of 24 colors for $20 extra each part. If you select primary strap stitching, the extra $10 of the $50 total is for the included connector. Stitching is not possible on GatorStrap™.

Add powder coated stainless steel hardware for $1 per rivet, $2 per small part, $4 per large part, and $6 per giant part, in any of the following colors:
(black is always ready without delay, other colors may require up to 30 days additional wait time due to hardware processing)
metallic red
UV orange
metallic yellow
metallic green
metallic blue
metallic plum (dark purple)
metallic purple
UV pink
gloss white

The pricing for powder coating is difficult to calculate, because with this catalog item you can order multiple sets of cuffs which have a different number and size of components. Either order and pay the difference after, or tell Lagarto what you intend to order and an exact quote can be given to pay at the time of your first order. If you want a powder coat color other than black, please contact Lagarto before ordering to discuss what color choices you have, and how long it will delay production of your collar. Some hardware is already coated and ready to install, other colors have to be processed, which is dirty, time consuming, and complicated. Sometimes blasting rough and powder coating jobs are delayed due to life circumstances or a busy work schedule.

Proper Fit:
1. When measuring your body part circumference, round up to the next higher half inch. For example 15.25" rounds up to 15.5".
2. If you want a cuff to fit loosely, choose a half inch larger than your circumference measurement.
3. If you want a cuff to fit snug, choose a half inch smaller than your circumference measurement - though consider simply adjusting from normal to a smaller setting when you want snug, giving you the opportunity to wear it normal if you retain water or gain weight.
4. To avoid a sloppy look and function, cuffs have a maximum of 9 adjustment holes. 6 or fewer adjustment holes is highly recommended. 3 holes is ideal for a cuff designed to fit only one person, unless you plan to gain or lose weight.
5. Adjustment holes start at the cuff size chosen, for a normal fit, with the two ends of the pad touching. Normal means free movement but not much more Each hole is a half inch apart. Order 7 or more holes and there will be a gap in the pad on the holes beyond 6. Overlap the two ends of the pad strap to make a smaller fit.

Please read additional information about materials durability and warranty following the links at the bottom of any page on this website. If the collar wearer wishes to bathe/swim/sleep with the collar on, or will sweat profusely, please consider GatorStrap™ collars offered here.

Latigo Cuffs with Primary Strap, pad and liner

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