Made from one inch width GatorStrap™, 1/8th inch thick for the primary strap, and 1.5 inch width GatorStrap™, 3/16 inch thick for the pad strap. There are FAR MORE COLORS AVAILABLE WITH THIS PRODUCT THAN THE 2" PAD PRODUCT, and this will perfectly match 1.5" wide harness products - those use the same material.

2 cuffs and a single segment connector strap with scissor snap hooks included for both wrist and ankle sets. Other sets do not include a connector.
More connectors may be ordered here:
Single Segment Connector
Double Segment Connector
Quad Segment Connector

One inch roller buckle with strap keeper loop
2 D rings on each cuff up to 10.5 inches, 3 D rings on cuffs 11 inches and larger.
Select the maximum size for a normal fit you want, and then the number of adjustment holes spaced half inch apart for a tighter fit (if you may gain or lose weight, or want someone smaller than you to wear them)
Choose from 23 different colors of primary strap, and 11 colors of pad strap
Maximum 2.5 inch size adjustment range (6 holes) with no gap as the two ends of the pad touch. For personal use, 2 or 3 holes is ideal, because the second D-ring will be closer to the holes, meaning the pad won't be as sloppy under stress. The best universal fit range is 8 max, as small as 5.5 (6 holes). If you select 7 or more holes, this will extend the fit by half inch each with an enlarging gap in the pad - useful for fursuits or wearing over a hoodie. If this all sounds really confusing, send Lagarto a message and discuss your needs before you order.

Built using metal parts of 100% 304 18/8 grade stainless steel (the same quality of stainless steel used for your knives, forks, and spoons), your collar's metal parts WILL NOT RUST with regular exposure to water. You can wear the collar 24/7/365 if you so desire. Perspiration and other bodily fluids will not harm the gear.

You can wear your GatorStrap™ gear in the rain, shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, lake, river, and even the ocean.

The number of options for this product are large, so there WILL be pricing errors when you select additional pairs of cuffs with options like powder coating, locking,and number of holes above 6. If you desire 100% accuracy with your first and only order, contact Lagarto to discuss pricing before ordering. Otherwise, you can easily make a second payment to cover the cost of your add-on options later. There are millions of combinations, and pricing them all accurately in one catalog item is impractical.

Care instructions and warranty are linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

Add powder coated stainless steel hardware, in any of the following colors:
(black is always ready without delay, other colors may require up to 30 days additional wait time due to hardware processing)
metallic red
UV orange
metallic yellow
metallic green
metallic blue
metallic plum (dark purple)
metallic purple
UV pink
gloss white

Be aware that the scissor snap hooks shown are only available coated in black, and this is over the zinc material, not stainless steel. If you select a color other than black for your buckles, D-rings, and rivets, the snap hooks will STILL BE BLACK. If you want a powder coat color other than black, please contact Lagarto before ordering to discuss what color choices you have, and how long it will delay production of your collar. Some hardware is already coated and ready to install, other colors have to be processed, which is dirty, time consuming, and complicated. Sometimes blasting rough and powder coating jobs are delayed due to life circumstances or a busy work schedule.

Proper Fit:
1. When measuring your body part circumference, round up to the next higher quarter inch. For example 7.125" rounds up to 7.25". In the input box, tell me your true actual size. The menu for pricing based upon size is not the size you are ordering, but the price you pay when the size increases past certain threshholds. For instance, a 14 inch cuff is priced as "17 maximum". You pay a little more for each increase in inches of length, as the piece uses more material and gets more complicated to put together.
2. If you want this cuff to sometimes fit loosely,  ask for one additional half inch above your rounded up true circumference measurement.
3. Adjustment holes start at the cuff size chosen, for a normal fit, and then go smaller. Normal means free movement but not much more. Each adjustment hole is a half inch apart.

GatorStrap™ Cuffs Set 1.5 inch width

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