Years in development (in my mind) have finally led to the pictured prototype of the mattress harness. Why do you need this? Simple, when you visit a hotel, there are no bondage attachment points.Weird bed frame platforms defy the easy use of rope. There's just no quick way to make any attachments without big damage to the room, UNTIL NOW. Or, you live in an apartment and can't modify the structure. Or, you like to keep your gear stealthy so when grandma comes to visit, you can show the whole place and not cordon off the bedroom for fear of being cast as a deviant. Or you're visiting your sub at their place, and they're not prepared for what's about to happen. The reasons are many, the solution is here at last.

Ready for your Double/Full, Queen, giant King bed in either Eastern or Cal sizes, or Universal King if you plan to bring this to hotels across the USA. The universal king harness will have to accommodate two very different shapes, so it's not as ideal as having the right one for your one size, but it can be done. Just be aware the straps and rings will intrude more on the center of the mattress if you select the universal king model.

The underside of your mattress acts as a brace for the straps on all sides, due to the clever asterisk of strap webbing beneath. Washable if you get schmutz on it, though a moist wash cloth is all you really need to get the bodily fluids off of this GatorStrap™ webbing over stainless steel rings and buckles. Oh yeah, did I mention the 100% stainless steel construction?

Want even more fun? Pair this harness with waterproof sheets and make a scene.You can WASH THE ENTIRE MATTRESS HARNESS IN THE SHOWER if you get a wet and messy session going with it, or body paint, or watersports, or whatever naughty business you have in mind. Dry it promptly after washing, and don't leave it damp for hours. Simple enough to pull strap through a towel to get the big wet off it and avoid water spots. No sense in having to clean it TWICE.

How difficult is it to install this monster of a harness? Not too bad, in our initial install here at casa Lagarto, it took about 15 minutes...

With 2 or more people, pick up the mattress, set it on the floor on its edge away from the box-spring
Lay out the bottom harness piece (careful which side is up, buckles need to face the correct way)
Connect the *asterisk brace*
Place the mattress carefully on top, try to avoid sliding it as this may move the strap base around
Tidy up or replace the bedsheets if they were removed
Lay out the top harness piece, carefully centered, finished side up
Begin to buckle the harness together, starting at the head of the bed, working around the sides, and the foot last
Get to business

The harness can remain in place permanently. To change your sheets, simply unbuckle the foot and sides, leaving the top buckled along the headboard. Toss the top part of the harness to the head of the bed, remove sheets, replace sheets, and then re-buckle the 9 straps you removed earlier. If you want to leave the bottom part of the harness in place but make it stealth, you can unbuckle the 12 straps, store the top piece, and tuck in the 9 visible buckles. The 3 at the head of the bed won't show, so those can remain dangling off the box spring. HIDING THE HARNESS FROM YOUR NOSY FAMILY MEMBERS IS EASY AND CAN BE DONE BY ONE PERSON. Installing the harness for the first time or completely removing it does require 2 people, unless you are a practiced sorcerer with powers of levitation, or a supernaturally strong person with exceptional reach.

If anyone wants one for twin, it can be done, but beware, there's not really enough space to properly tie due to the short/narrow size factor, not room to screw on a twin comfortably in a tie, and the mattress itself is too light and small , so it will warp up to meet your sub as they struggle. My advice? UPGRADE UR TWIN TO A BIGGER BED. But ask anyway, if you need one. It will be 6 rings, no top or foot middle ring needed. Heck, tie them diagonally, it's about the only way to get the length right.

Attachment accessories are necessary to enjoy this product fully. Lagarto recommends:
Double Ended Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps
Short Cuff Connectors
Long Cuff Connectors
Stainless Steel Safety Spring Snaps 3 inches or longer (and only if the cuff will stay on the snap, don't try to release the cuff from the snap with someone wearing the cuff)

"Can I get this in a color other than black?"
NO, this webbing was produced exclusively for me, no other vendor in the USA was willing to order it, so the thin version of 2" wide GatorStrap™ is unique. I have to purchase a minimum of 5000 feet of any run, so I am not going to stock any other colors. Thick GatorStrap™, like I use for the pad straps on wrist cuffs, won't fit through these specially designed buckles. These buckles do not require keeper loops, which means they don't rattle when you shake the bed.

"I have damaged my harness, how expensive are repairs?"
Each ring, buckle, and strap segment on this 2 inch wide construction is $15. Repairs follow the same price structure as new, so for each piece needing replacement, it's $15. This is also handy if you have a Queen size harness and need to upgrade to Eastern King. There are 8 segments that need to be longer, so it's a $120 upgrade. $240 to change from Double to Cal King, the most extreme makeover. If your bratty sub damaged a part of the webbing, ship only the assembly needing repair, and it will be returned to you in NEW condition.

GatorStrap™ Mattress Harness

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