Lagarto's classic belt is stylish and economical, and probably - no WILL BE the strongest belt you have ever owned. Made from 1.5 inch width GatorStrap, 3/16 inch thick. Sizing note: use a measuring tape, DO NOT RELY upon your jeans size, clothing manufacturers do "vanity sizing" to make you believe you are smaller than in reality. Using jeans size will be off by 4 up to 8 inches of true size. Alternatively, you can measure your current belt from the tip of the end of the buckle to the adjustment hole you prefer using a standard tape measure and be quite accurate.

Fit note: choose size from the menu by adding 2 inches to your accurate measurement, so you have 2 more holes beyond the comfortable setting. This will allow weight gain of 10lbs per inch (2 holes = up to 20lbs), so it fits now and years into the future. Example: "TRUE MEASURE" is 40, order 42, and select 5 holes. This gives you current fit in the middle, and +/-20lbs of weight gain or loss and still fitting perfectly.

Belts can be shortened in the future at no cost except both ways shipping, but length can not be added. To make a belt shorter, the buckle end is cut off and re-punched, so the end with the holes still looks perfect, and the new shorter end is also perfect. Minimum shortening is 4 inches, to clear all the old holes/slot.

Fits standard jeans belt loops
1.5 inch roller buckle with strap keeper loop
Choose from 11 different colors of strap

Perfect for fursuit tail support (worn inside your suit to hold the weight of your tail), because you can sweat all over GatorStrap and then wash it when you're done. Unlike any other material, it won't stay wet after you clean it, it won't stretch, it won't sag, it won't stain.

Built using metal parts of 304 18/8 grade stainless steel (the same quality of stainless steel used for your knives, forks, and spoons), your belt's metal parts WILL NOT RUST with regular exposure to water. You can wear the belt in your local swimming pool or fountain, though wearing nothing at all would of course, be more comfortable. Going on the giant splash ride at your favorite adventure park won't damage this belt. Perspiration and other bodily fluids will not harm the gear.

You can wear your GatorStrap™ gear in the rain, shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, lake, river, and even the ocean.

Care instructions and warranty are linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

GatorStrap™ Belt 1.5 inch wide

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