1.75 inch tall spikes pictured #4 in the image. Compare the standard half inch dog collar tree spike is on the far left of all photos in this series.

Size matters. You've always known it does, despite what many say. This spike is well endowed, girthy, long, and BOLD. Made from aluminum with your choice of nickel plating or black powder coating. These are tall and wide, will stab, and will get in the way. If you have long hair, it will get caught on these. Solid spikes attach with a big screw for a secure hold on your strap. These have a base width of 0.75 (3/4) inch, so they need a wider strap at a minimum of 1 inch to prevent sagging. Consider a 1.25 or 1.5 inch wide strap for best results.

Aluminum with nickel plating, so not too heavy given their enormous size.

If you are unsure of the quantity of studs that will fit your strap, you may either inquire first, or order more than you think you need. I can refund an overage, but not charge more for extra (unless you make a new order, which is more complicated for both of us).

HUGE Tree Spikes - 1.75 (1 3/4) inch tall screw back

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