• Engraved Halter Plate - INSTALLATION ONLY

I HATE ORDERING THESE. Please order your own here or in solid brass here and have it shipped to me. Why do I hate ordering these? Well, it takes me a half hour, and I run the risk of getting the wrong size tag, the wrong font cut in it, the wrong material, the wrong shape of tag.

So I will order it for you (if you are a buyer with a credit card issued outside the USA), but that will cost you $10 in addition to the actual halter plate cost (including shipping if applicable) and installation cost of $15.

Installing these is $15, because I have to bend them very carefully to fit the form of the curve to which it's riveted.

Typical engraved plate cost is $15-30, and goes up from there if you want a bigger plate. Order your own tag, have the engraver ship it to my shop, and it's $15 for me to install it for you. Please ask for holes designed for rivets, specifically 1/8", since the rivets I use are 7/64" shaft width.

Engraved Halter Plate - INSTALLATION ONLY

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