Choose any color of edge stitching. which is thick 277 nylon, for high visibility. This is decorative stitching, not designed to hold straps together, but just for looks. Price is per strap (so 1 collar, 1 cuff, etc). Add this product to any cuff, connector, or other straps shorter than 13 inches.

If you want edge stitching on both straps of a double strap item (like a cuff can have stitching on the pad part as well as the strap), then buy TWO of these for each leather item being stitched. If you want different colors, add them separately to the cart and in the notes, mention which color goes with which strap.

Center connector straps for cuffs also look good with decorative stitching, pictured in the sample in blue (this set has 5x stitching - two on each cuff, and one on the center strap).

Decorative edge stitching - short

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