Lagarto now offers exquisite diamond scratch engraved anodized aluminum tags. You can buy and then discuss your needs, or discuss first and then buy. You know, whatever works best for you :)

These tags will not rust, and come in colors. A single half inch split ring is included in the tag price. Additional rings are available to hang your tag from a collar. The small half inch split rings will not fit over a collar D ring without ruining them, and besides that, it takes 2 rings to have a tag facing flat to the front with Lagarto Collar D-rings facing forward. If you want to sleep wearing your collar, a spring gate ring, caraboner, or safety snap is ideal for regular and quick removal, so tag jingle doesn't awaken you. See all of the attachment options in the 4th photo. For collar attachment, at a minimum get the 1 inch key ring if you don't already have a spare at home.

A basic $9 tag is the matte finish small paw with laser etched pattern, allowing scratch engraving on the paw image side.

How is the Lagarto tag shop different from the thousands of cheap tag makers out there? FULL CUSTOMIZATION is possible as a scratch, not a simple laser burn. If you have your own complicated design already, COOL! Send a Jpeg .jpg or Bitmap .bmp file with a resolution of 600x600 max, as the tags are small and more detail won't be rendered by the motors on my CNC machine. Black and white images only, please, no grayscale or color. Anti-aliasing is fine, it will be converted to vectors. Your graphics may include text.

STANDARD TAG is single side engraving, one of the available fonts listed below, and no graphics.

UPGRADE OPTIONS: Double sided engraving, multiple fonts, graphics, geometric shapes, customer provided files, customer provided fonts

Available shapes:
small paw print with laser etched pattern H 1.25 x W 1.125"
Colors available for the small paw include black, red, burnt orange, yellow, green, royal blue, baby blue, purple, hot pink, gray (order as silver).

These 10 tags are all pictured together, and have the 10 colors shown all available:
LARGE paw print with textured bevel non-engraved side H 1.375 x W 1.25" (single side engraving only)
LARGE heart H 1.25 x W 1.5"
small heart H 1 x W 1.25"
star H 1.375 x W 1.375"
halter tag with semi-circle ends H 0.75 x W 2"
LARGE iconic dog bone H 1.5 x W 2"
small iconic dog bone H 1 x W 1.5"
oval (hangs downward) H 1.5 x W 1"
military style dog tags H 2 x W 1.125"
circle H 1.125 x W 1.125"
The following colors are available for the 10 shapes shown together
black, red, yellow/gold, green, royal blue, sky blue, purple, hot pink, soft pink, silver

halter tags with double beveled ends H: 0.625 x W 2.375" (longer, rivets on both ends)
in the 8 colors shown: black, red, gold, green, blue, purple, hot pink, silver

Order either of the halter tags (the ones with two rivet holes), and select the installation with rivets option to have it put on any gear Lagarto builds

Not finding that perfect shape from those shown? You can have any tag sold here, You'll pay their actual cost for delivered product to Lagarto's PO Box.

Your names/words can be whatever you like. Overtly sexual and "deviant" tags are no problem, anything can be engraved for you. Choose a font from the following samples, or provide your own font file in an email to Lagarto:

Diamond Scratch Engraved Aluminum Pet Tag

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  • $9.00

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