This catalog item is for a pair of identical cuffs. If you only need one, ask and I can create that catalog listing for you.

These can be ordered with a buckle and keeper loop, with a D-ring option next to the buckle (pet collar D style), or 2 snaps on each cuff with no size adjustment. If you want snaps, choose "0" in the adjustment holes drop-down. If you want buckles, select the number of adjustment holes you want on each cuff, which are 1/2 inch apart each. The smallest hole setting when there are 2 or more will be fit for your ideal size, and each additional 1/2" larger than that, allowing wear over a shirt or hoodie sleeve - also useful if you wear a watch, and need the cuff to be further up your arm above it. If you want a holes fit OTHER than this, please specify in the customer input box. If you choose a buckle and only one hole, it will be for your ideal size.

Stitching is OPTIONAL, not required. If you do not want stitching, do not select a color from that menu.

Cuffs have a deer hide liner, and the outer wide strap is latigo, which does not stretch. If you want unusual options please ask before ordering.

Wrist Cuffs Pair (1 inch wide)

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  • $85.00

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