• Tailor's Tape - 60 inch PVC
Need to measure yourself? Don't have a fabric store close by, or are you scared to walk in the place? Live outside the USA and need to know inches, but the shops near you only sell these in metric? Then this is for you... a high quality PVC tailor's tape with easy to read graduations to 60 inches (plus another 8 inches blank past 60 because the Chinese who made them also make metric and wanted 2 full meters?). The back side has metric and smaller inch numbers too, in case you want to know how inches compare to centimeters.

I'm practically giving these away. If you are only buying the tape, you pay shipping/handling plus a penny for the tape. This covers my time and effort to send you one of these, and saves you the gas driving to the place you don't ever shop with the kooky old ladies behind the counter with sharp scissors.

If you're adding the tape to an order for other stuff, that's cool too. These are useful to have, and I am sure you will buy more leather from me in the future - so why not have one on hand for a penny? If you're as old as me, you might remember that for a penny you could get 13 record albums - but then they made you buy 8 more at stupid prices. No catch here, it's just a penny plus some shipping.

I was going to offer that you get a discount on your order equal to the cost of the tape, however, since it's a penny, no need to bother with that, really. Keep the tape long after you use it for leather fitting, these are handy when you go jeans shopping. You will notice that the Indonesians who made your acid-washed-ripped-knee jeans probably didn't use any measuring devices whatsoever, and the importer just randomly guessed what size those guess jeans were. Or if your closet is already full of jeans, measure your friends. That can be a fun way to spend the weekend.

You'll note that you can order more than one of these - my old shopping cart site zen allows max quantities on things, but opencart sucks, and allows only MINIMUMS. So if you add 100 to the cart for $1, I will only ship one of these to you, and you are giving me 99 cents as a bonus. That's because at a penny, even though I got 100 from an online shop for a good price, I'm losing money by offering these. if you want more than 1, check somewhere else for a better deal.

The photo you see is of the actual tape you'll receive. Well, one of it's little buddies from the same batch, anyway. You get one, and that even includes the little cardboard loop to keep it tidy.

Tailor's Tape - 60 inch PVC

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