If you like a jingle and a big bold look, Triangle O rings may spice things up for your collar or cuffs. These can be substituted for standard D rings of 4 sizes, to span straps of 5/8". 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2" widths.

For each quantity of 1 you add to the cart, you get ONE upgraded D-ring swapped out for this more fancy Triangle O ring.

Please be sure to discuss with me where you want these placed, if you want something other than is obvious.

0.625 inch triangles have 1 inch interior diameter O rings - $2
0.75 inch triangles have a 1.25 inch interior diameter O rings - $3
1 inch triangles have a 1.5 inch interior diameter O rings - $4
1.5 inch triangles have a 1.75 inch interior diameter O rings - $6

Pictured here is a 1 inch triangle, with a 1.5 inch interior diameter O ring welded together, and on the sides, a 1 inch D ring on a 1 inch wide leather strap, with a 1.5 inch wide pad beneath.

Available in stainless steel (preferred) or crappy yellow nickel plated steel for a brass look but not the quality of solid brass. BOO

If you ordered powder coating on your collar, also select powder coating for the metal finish option, so it will be priced correctly. These are super complicated to coat, as the two rings have to remain apart during coating and baking, never touching. I do a delicate high wire act to pull that off, and it's why that costs $10 extra.

Triangle-O ring upgrade

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