Price listed for this closeout is 25% off the current retail in the collar building simulator and regular catalog. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF EACH COLOR, SO DO NOT PUT A QUANTITY OF MORE THAN 1 OF EACH IN YOUR CART. For fashion or function, this collar will add excitement to your nights. Adorn your neck in a bold and vivid style. Primary strap, with a D ring in front is riveted to a soft leather pad for comfort and distribution of force if tugged.

Primary strap in latigo leather with a pad of thick soft buffalo, with a rabbit fur liner. This tiny size can be worn as a bicep cuff - it's just the right size range for biceps between 10.5 and 14 inches in circumference.

Collar width and hardware guide:
1.5 inch wide pad collar has a 1 inch primary strap with 1 inch buckles and 1 inch D-rings

Proper Fit:
1. When measuring your neck circumference, round up to the next higher inch. For example 15.25" rounds up to 16".
2. If you want a collar to fit loosely, choose an inch larger than your circumference measurement.
3. If you want a collar to fit snug, choose an inch smaller than your circumference measurement - though consider simply adjusting from normal to a smaller setting when you want snug, giving you the opportunity to wear it normal if you retain water or gain weight.
4. To avoid a sloppy look and function, collars have a maximum of 9 adjustment holes. 6 or fewer adjustment holes is highly recommended.
5. Adjustment holes end at the collar size chosen, for a normal fit, with the two ends of the pad touching. Additional holes will all be tighter. Normal means free movement but not much more. Each hole is a half inch apart. Overlap the two ends of the pad strap to make a smaller fit.

Please read additional information about materials durability and warranty following the links at the bottom of any page on this website. If the collar wearer wishes to bathe/swim/sleep with the collar on, or will sweat profusely, please consider GatorStrap™ collars offered here.

CLOSEOUT Latigo Collar with Primary Strap, pad, and Rabit Fur liner Fits 11-13

  • Brand: Lagarto
  • Product Code: LatColPPF-CLOSEOUT 11-13
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  • $78.00

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