• Screw Back Padlock Post

Ready to go under lock and key? Try adding one of these to your leather straps. They can fit on any size cuff or collar with at least a 3/4" wide strap.

You get the same high quality buckle in stainless steel, and then this is installed past the buckle where the strap tab overlaps. The holes in the strap will perfectly align to both the buckle tongue and this post at the same time, so you still have multiple holes for adjustment. The cost for this item is a bit high because the holes I punch are doubled (you need at least 8 holes for 3 of adjustment), and they must be hand drilled with extreme precision.

Uses the tiny padlocks found in this category, or you can provide your own. Maximum lock shackle thickness is 1/8th of an inch. Post width is 1/4 inch.

This post is ideal for cuffs, because it will best follow the curve of your wrist, without being overly bulky.

If you select powder coating, color will be matched to the powder coated color of the gear you are buying along with it.

Please keep in mind: this restraint is primarily decorative. Never tie someone up against their will. If they want out, get the key to the lock, or have a scissors ready to cut the strap!

Screw Back Padlock Post

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