• Largest Padlock, gold finish
Largest padlock available that will fit any of the locking posts available in this store. Shackle width is 1/8th inch.

Polished gold-tone plated steel construction, lifetime replacement warranty for failed mechanism. Durability of finish is not guaranteed, but will be replaced for any reason at any time for half the new price (including lost keys).

Exact dimensions (lock body): 3/4 inch tall, 3/4 inch wide, 1/2 inch tick. Total lock height with shackle closed is 1 3/8ths inch.

Two keys provided with each lock. ALL LOCKS OF THIS TYPE USE THE SAME KEY. If you order 5 locks, you will get 10 identical keys. Does NOT use the same key as other locks in this store.

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Largest Padlock, gold finish

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