Been looking for the ultimate way to personalize the collar for yourself, your significant other, or your pet? Lagarto has searched high and low, and all points in-between. Behold: slide-letters. Plain or Rhinestone. Letters and numbers. Special characters (rhinestone only at present). It doesn't get any more personal than this.

Get any color of leather strap to hold those lovely letters, riveted securely on both ends, plus the middle as needed for longer names/phrases. Spacing is done on a TIGHT strap, so your letters stay in place, forever. Over 7 letters in a group need extra support with middle rivets, so think carefully about what you want your collar to say to the world.

Type what name you'd like in the input field. If you need more than 7 characters, a rivet must be placed in between two groups of letters/charms. Choose plain or rhinestone, and indicate if you want any of the special rhinestone charms in the mix. There's a pawprint, heart, star, flower, crown, and the ampersand "&"

If all this is confusing, or you want advice... and your priest can not get online... ask me by e-mail, phone, or in person. I have great ideas about this sort of thing. Better than a priest, and less expensive, too... that's Lagarto.

Price is $25 for up to 7 charms (includes the strap and rivets too), and then it's $1 for each additional letter for as many more as you'd like to have, or will FIT. For instance if you want 9 characters, select "2" from the menu to pay for the additional charms. If you have 7 or fewer, don't select anything on that menu item.

A-Z, 0-9 in plain
A-Z in rhinestone. Paw, heart, star, flower, crown, & ampersand are available in RHINESTONE ONLY. Limited stock of numbers in Rhinestone until I can get more!

Letters & charms for your collar

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