• Dog Collar Spikes - 1.25 inch tall Rivet Back

These nickel finish inch and a quarter tall dog collar spikes are pretty punk. On a collar, they tell folk to get the **ck out of your face. On a cuff, they will protect you from the bad guys, because let's face it, you will LOOK LIKE one of the bad guys ;)

Solid spikes attach with rivet backs for a very secure hold on your leather. These look great when done side by side on wide straps.

1.25 inch tall spikes pictured on the left in each of the images.

These are also called "tree spikes" due to their appearance in profile.

If you are unsure of the quantity of studs that will fit your strap, you may either inquire first, or order more than you think you need. I can refund an overage, but not charge more for extra (unless you make a new order, which is more complicated for both of us).

Dog Collar Spikes - 1.25 inch tall Rivet Back

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