• Eyelets - 1/4 inch hole

Nickel plated steel eyelets add strength and eye appeal to your straps. These look best and have no overlap if they have a minimum of 0.625 (5/8) inches apart. These also look best on straps 1 inch or wider.

For each quantity of 1 you add to the cart, you get ONE eyelet. If you are ordering a wide strap buckle with two prongs (those are the 2 or 2.5 inch wide buckles only), remember to double the number of eyelets for the number of adjustment holes you want.

Pictured here are eyelets on a 2 inch wide strap, each spaced 3/4ths of an inch apart.

Order these in addition to your collar designer item if you are buying a leather collar. Not recommended on GatorStrap, because they are not stainless steel.

Eyelets - 1/4 inch hole

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