• Grommets - 1/2 inch hole
Grommets are different from eyelets in that they have a back washer, so both sides of the leather have a finished ring wider than the hole itself. This design makes grommets inherently stronger than eyelets. The only reason to select an eyelet over a grommet is size - eyelets can be made much smaller.

Grommets are all solid brass. They are available in silvery nickel plated finish, brass, black oxide, and others by special request. Please order as many grommets as you would like to have installed, and then in the notes for your order, let me know how you want them placed (for instance, one grommet every inch on a belt), and what color you'd like for me to use.

I have suppliers with a lot of different choices, so if you have something specific in mind, do ask. Otherwise, you can leave it up to me to select the most appropriate size/shape for the product ordered.

Questions? feel free to ask before or after you order.

Grommets - 1/2 inch hole

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