• Cat Claw Spikes - Large 1.75 inch tall

GROWL! Big cat claws for your fancy are here, in a deadly height of 1 and 3/4ths inches. You'd find the same size claws on your average tiger. Fortunately these are not quite as sharp, or innards would become outards. It's good to keep those vital organs where they belong. Make a bold statement, that you are a big cat, and they are your prey. Not for you housecats, you can't even play in this league. Strap width of one inch or wider is recommended for these heavy spikes.

If you are unsure of the quantity of studs that will fit your strap, you may either inquire first, or order more than you think you need. I can refund an overage, but not charge more for extra (unless you make a new order, which is more complicated for both of us).

Cat Claw Spikes - Large 1.75 inch tall

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