Eternity cuff: wear it until... forever. Made from your choice of either 5/8 inch or one inch width GatorStrap™, 1/8 inch thick. PRICE IS FOR ONE CUFF - if you want a pair, order a quantity of 2, If you are ordering for different body parts, like wrist and ankle and want pairs for both, order different sizes separately to avoid confusion.

Lifetime fit guarantee: replace for any reason at any time, and pay half price for the new cuff.

2 (5/8") or 4 (1") sex bolts (also called chicago screws) to permanently cuff yourself or your pet.
No buckle, no adjustment, never take it off. Sweat life onto it. Shower with it. Sleep in it.
Choose from 23 different colors of strap.
Fits body parts of any size. Select your size range from the pull-down menu for correct pricing - there is a small upcharge for sizes over 17, and a little more over 25. Mention in the customer input box your exact wrist, ankle, bicep, whatever measurement, and how you'd like it to fit.

If you plan to be pretty hard on the D ring, buy a spare set of sex bolts. Then you'll have ready replacements if you strip out the screw threads by tugging too hard on a leash or similar.

A note on fit: if you plan to gain any weight, go for the normal fit. Snug is best, but is rather strict if you gain weight or retain water. With a snug fit, if you move the cuff, it moves skin with it. Normal has a bit of wiggle - also good if you like to fidget and rotate your cuffs.

Built using metal parts of 100% 304 18/8 grade stainless steel (the same quality of stainless steel used for your knives, forks, and spoons), your collar's metal parts WILL NOT RUST with regular exposure to water. You can wear the collar 24/7/365 if you so desire. Perspiration and other bodily fluids will not harm the gear.

You can wear your GatorStrap™ gear in the rain, shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, lake, river, and even the ocean.
Care instructions and warranty are linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

Looking for a different type of collar? CLICK HERE to design your own in the visual simulator.

Lagarto Permanente GatorStrap™ Cuff with sex bolts

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