• GatorStrap™ Harness Accent Straps (racing stripes)

PRODUCT PHOTO NOTE: The sample photograph is of a leather harness. After the first accent strap harness is ordered, the photo for the sample will be updated. Sample shows 1.5 inch wide red primary with 5/8 inch wide gray accent strap. $5 design fee plus the price shown for each length/width. Put the correct quantity of each length in the cart. If you need help calculating this, please ask before ordering.

Want two colors for your harness on the same strap? Order these in addition to your harness and get accent straps added on. They are not functional, purely decorative.

Rivited on each end and every 6 inches or fewer to keep them centered over harness primary straps
Available in 5/8 or 1 inch width
Choose from 22 different colors
HARNESS NOT INCLUDED - you must order a harness along with this product

You can wear your GatorStrap™ gear in the rain, shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, lake, river, and even the ocean.
Care instructions and warranty are linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

GatorStrap™ Harness Accent Straps (racing stripes)

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