• GatorStrap™ X-Chest Torso Thigh Harness 8 buckle 1.5 inch wide strap

A Lagarto original design, this X shaped chest harness with hip belt and thigh straps is sexy, strong, and functional. It's a custom fit, and follows standard USA T-shirt sizes. When properly fit, the center ring in front should drop right at the bottom of the rib cage. This harness can be ordered for a tight fit, normal fit, or loose fit. All harnesses in this shop are comfortable for wear on bare skin, or over a shirt.

Eight 2.5 inch rings, twenty-two 1.5 inch wide straps, and eight buckles make the complete harness. Folds quite small for easy portability when it's not being worn. Easy to put on and take off, just unbuckle both thighs, and two lower straps on the same side to slip it off.

To get a custom fit for you, I need four measurements - your height in inches, your hip size in inches, your thigh size in inches, and your chest size in inches. Men: measure chest just below the nipples. Women: measure chest just below the breasts. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can buy one cheap HERE, or pick one up at your local fabric shop. If you are in between height choices, choose the next smaller than your true measure.

This harness is built from GatorStrap™ in your choice of color. Rings and buckles are all 100% 304 stainless steel. Rivets are stainless steel caps with steel posts - suitable for washing, but not full immersion in water.

Care instructions and warranty are linked at the bottom of every page on this website.

GatorStrap™ X-Chest Torso Thigh Harness 8 buckle 1.5 inch wide strap

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