• Additional Martingale Collar Chain

If you are buying a martingale collar, you may want additional chain lengths so you can have a snug fit, loose fit, fursuit fit, or so that someone with a different size neck can wear the collar.

This 3.5mm thick twisted link welded chain is stainless steel, so it will not tarnish when in direct contact with skin.

Select how much longer than the primary fit you want when ordering this chain. Standard Martingale chains are looped 12 inches, 24 links. For instance, if you have a 16 inch neck, and also want the option of wearing it as an 18, select 32 links. To order 32 links, select 30 from the 10x menu, and 2 from the 1x menu. Order 2 inches, 4 links more, for each extra inch of collar size you desire.

If you need stainless steel chain suitable for direct skin contact and some other purpose, you may specify the exact number of links you want. Each link is precisely half an inch long. A 20 link chain is 10 inches end to end. Each inch of chain is $2, and that makes it $1 per link. To order an 18" chain, you select 30 from the 10x menu, and 6 from the 1x menu. This will be $37. If you need chain over 99 links, contact me for wholesale pricing.

 I highly recommend the stainless steel safety spring snaps found here (in either 2 or 2.375" size only) to make chain loops that can be worn on necks and other places. Spring gate rings over 3/4" interior diameter will not fit this chain. Spring gate rings are also nickel plated so they will tarnish quickly in direct contact with skin if worn over the course of a week or two..

*$1 chain cutting charge, as a link is lost to cut it from the main supply*

Additional Martingale Collar Chain

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