1.5 inch wide belt built from the finest latigo leather available on the planet. This ultra thick (11/64ths inch, or 11 ounce in the industry) leather is finished on both sides, so it slides easily on your pants/jeans fabric.

Tell me your waist size in inches (actual measurement, not pants size), or you can tell me the actual measurement of your current belt, from the hole you like best to the very end of the buckle. Then also tell me if you want additional holes (and how many) forward or back from the primary hole you want. You will want a perfect fit, so feel free to phone or e-mail me before placing an order, so we can get you the correct size.

#49 buckle pictured is included. If you want something different, choose any buckle in the "bulk hardware" section of the catalog. Your buckle will be riveted permanently in place.

Single Layer Latigo Belt

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