1.5 inch wide men's belt (or wider if it is not for your belt loops), with so many options for color and material, it's crazy! (some would call me crazy for giving customers so many choices)

Choose ANY two, but note that for strength, the lower layer will be latigo leather. And you can have both the same if you like, for instance, black latigo doubled. The pull down menus will show you the entire available color selection. If you want a custom color you do not see listed, it may be possible for me to order chap leather in your choice of color.

Awesome Textures: bison in black, brown reddish, greenish, faux black alligator (made from cowhide). I personally recommend the bison over all others for its durability and beauty - it is the default selection in the menu, and the belt pictured above.

You can wear your belt with the pad color as primary, or the normal outer as you prefer. For instance, order a snake pattern black cowhide chap with a red latigo, and you can wear it with the snake side out or the red latigo side out. Belt is stitched with 277 size nylon cord, which has a 45 pound break strength (that's a lot). When you choose your stitching colors, make sure to think carefully - because some folk prefer matching, some prefer contrasting colors. If you select 2 different colors of stitching, you will pay a surcharge of $20 for the second color.

Input your hip size in inches (actual measurement, not pants size) PLUS 2 INCHES, or you use the actual measurement of your current belt, from the hole you like best to the very end of the buckle (and add 3 inches). Then select the number of additional holes back from the largest measure setting you want. You will want a perfect fit, so feel free to phone or e-mail me before placing an order, so we can get you the correct size. I suggest 6 holes for most belts, because when you go more than that, a lot of belt goes past the buckle and looks a bit sloppy.

Because the buckle is removable, you can use your own buckle if you like. A standard stainless steel #49 buckle and keeper loop is included. If you have an old belt that's worn out and you want to reuse your buckle, that is possible too!

There are 4 colors of solid brass snaps available, choose any one you like: Silver (stainless steel), Bright Brass, Antique Brass, or Black (Black Oxide over brass). If you want a powder coated buckle, you can specify the color in the customer input box.

Double Layer Stitched Belt

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