1.5 inch wide straps with 4 rings and 2 buckles, this harness can be installed and removed even with your dog laying on his side. Soft flexible chap leather won't pull on hair - so there is no chafing, no scratching. Because there are two buckles, this is adjustable for gain or loss of weight, or for a snug fit on walks when pulling back might be a problem. No leg gymnastics are required to install the harness.

Custom fit for your dog, this harness will last a lifetime. Choose any colors of stitching and leather, add studs, spikes, or crystal gems for an even more personal look! Available with either brass or stainless steel buckles and rings.

4 measurements on your dog are needed for an exact fit:
1> top length (along the spine)
2> chest measured in front of the front legs
3> chest measured behind the front legs
4> chest length - follow the curve between the front legs

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can buy one cheap HERE, or pick one up at your local fabric shop. If you are in between height choices, choose the next smaller than your true measure.

This harness is built from chap leather in your choice of color. For a color swatch comparison of colors currently in Lagarto's shop, click the link on the left navigation of this website for "Finest Materials". There you will see a list of hides. If you want to talk colors and materials before ordering, please contact Lagarto at your leisure.

Chap Leather Dog Harness

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