A Lagarto original design, this classic collar is stylish, strong, and allows you to display two of your favorite colors. One and a half inch width latigo leather strap in your choice of color is the base. Accent strap is one inch wide latigo, also your choice of color. Latigo, also known as belt leather, does not stretch or deform under moderate stress. Lagarto chooses latigo hides which are a smooth, matte finish on the outside. Choose your favorite interior deer hide liner color. Deer is perfect for direct contact with skin, as these hides are thin, soft, and dyed rather than pigmented. Dyed hides leave the original hide skin exposed, so this type of leather rarely causes any irritation to the wearer. When your collar is new, some dye will subtly stain your skin if you perspire a lot, but that dye washes off easily with soap and water. If you'd like a thicker liner that has the same properties as Deer, choose black buffalo. This hide is about twice as thick as deer, but nearly as soft on the surface.

one and a half inch short roller buckle with strap keeper loop
Front center 1.5 inch D-ring, or D-ring near the buckle (pet-D), or BOTH
Strap length to fit your size ordered, with extra holes for easy adjustment to smaller sizes
Choose your primary strap color
Choose your accent strap color - latigo, or chap leather (thinner, more flexible leather), or GatorStrap™
Choose your liner color

Upgrade to a triangle-O ring, add studs, spikes, crystal rivets, bells, extra D-rings, name plates, and locking options to make it completely YOU

Add decorative edge stitching to the primary and/or accent strap in your choice of 24 colors for $20 extra. Do not select chap leather or GatorStrap™ if you want stitching on the accent strap, as this is not possible on these materials.

Add powder coated stainless steel hardware in any of the colors listed in the metal finish menu. This may add up to 8 weeks onto the normal order build time (up to 16 weeks total from date of order). If you want a color not listed, it is possible, but will incur a $50 charge PLUS the regular powder coating price. Click HERE to add the unlisted color powder charge, then select "black powder coated stainless steel" in the metal finish menu.

Proper Fit:
1. When measuring your neck, round up to the next higher inch. For example 15.25" rounds up to 16".
2. If you want this collar to fit loosely, choose one inch larger than your neck circumference measurement.
3. If you want this collar to fit snug, choose one inch smaller than your neck circumference measurement - though consider simply adjusting from normal to a smaller setting when you want snug, giving you the opportunity to wear it normal if you retain water or gain weight.
4. To avoid a sloppy look, collars have a maximum of 9 adjustment holes. 6 or fewer adjustment holes is highly recommended.
5. Adjustment holes start at the collar size chosen, for a normal fit. Normal means free movement but not much more Each hole is a half inch apart.

Please read additional information about materials durability and warranty following the links at the bottom of any page on this website. If the collar wearer wishes to bathe/swim/sleep with the collar on, or will sweat profusely, please consider GatorStrap™ collars offered here.

Latigo Collar 1.5 inch wide with 1 inch wide accent strap, Deer Liner

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