I bought a BUNCH of these and sold more than 50 at conventions, this is the leftover stock.

These fit snug, SIZE IS LISTED AS MEDIUM (M) - if you have fit an XL before, these will be a huge disappointment. My crown is a big 24 inches around the forehead and 26 inches from top to below chin, and I can fit in the mask (see photo of the figure in the wetsuit). It's not so uncomfortable that you can not wear it for hours at a time - but if you have a smaller head, like 21-22 inches, these WILL fit better and much more comfortably. The bigger your head, the tighter it will fit as these are all the same size - WHICH IS MEDIUM.

9 colors are/were available - these are all on closeout, so as they sell, colors will become unavailable. Limited to stock on hand.

Thin flexible metal tabs inside each ear allow you to pose them in curls or straight up as shown. Curl out for subby, in for dommy, up for PERKY!

Plastic snaps will not rust with exposure to water or bodily fluids like sweat and...

4 of the 9 colors have a pillow emboss effect on the highlight color: black, red, purple, and white. The other 5 colors have smooth highlight neoprene without the pillow emboss.

5 snaps hold on the muzzle to the base mask.

Some masks have minor creases in the neoprene. You can ease those out with simple wear, and if the muzzle part is a bit out of shape, press it in the opposite direction for a few minutes under something heavy to correct it.

If you wear corrective eyeglasses, or you want to wear sunglasses with the hood, ask me to punch slots above and in front of the ear, so the frame will fit INSIDE the hood over your own ear. $6 extra for this modification.

Prices are $25 for colors that are less popular and a little higher if I have very few left.

Pup Hood - Neoprene

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