• Paw Print Bottle Opener with key ring
Do you love your pet? Then hang this on his collar, and call him over whenever you need "bottle service". He'll feel so useful. That's a GOOD BOY!

With 9 colors of these paws available, you can choose the one that suits you best, in any quantity you like. Just mention in the notes for your order what colors and quantities you want. Mix and match as you need.

Sturdy aluminum anodized with color, includes a lifetime guarantee that they will not bend at the "weakest point", or otherwise fail to properly open your beverage.

If you plan to put this on your key ring, realize that the anodized coating will eventually scratch off, but not easily, and only a little bit - it will start as fine hairline scratches, and then more of the little swirlies will appear over time. If you want one that won't change color AT ALL from key scratching, buy the "silver" one. The base metal under the coating is the same color on those. Repeat customers at conventions have shown me their two-years-in-use key chains, and they still look pretty good.

If your opener gets faded by the sun (it happened when a customer left it on his dashboard for a month), or scratched up to the point where you don't think it is pretty any more, send it back to me for a half price replacement. I'll provide free postage for new ones going out. --->to return the old one, bring it to a convention where I vend, OR you can remove the keyring, and ship it in a letter envelope for about $1. Or talk to me first for instructions.

Paw Print Bottle Opener with key ring

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