About Lagarto

Lagarto began leathercraft in 2009 and made it a full-time business in 2010. Beginning with simple collars and cuffs, the selection increased as new tools were acquired and skills learned. A heavy-duty stitching machine was purchased for the shop in late 2010, allowing leashes, harnesses, and double-layer belts to be added the product lineup.

The workshop is located in the north end of the Denver metropolitan area. Moving from rented to owned space, Lagarto added metal blasting and powder coating to the product offering. Time saving non-powered machines have been added to the shop, enabling Lagarto to remain the only worker, yet build faster and still be responsible for quality control during every aspect of production.

Lagarto is passionate about straps, and will happily discuss your project requirements. What you will receive is going to exceed your expectations and last longer than you thought possible. Take a moment to read the warranty and return policy - it's elevated well above industry standard.

If your design calls for straps, rings, hooks, buckles, you are in the right place. If you need a saddle, a pup hood, some armor, or any other leather/synthetic stuff that isn't made primarily from straps, you're asking the wrong gator. Why won't Lagarto build those things? BECAUSE THEN HE'D BE DISTRACTED FROM HIS PRIMARY INTEREST AND BE WORKING INEFFICIENTLY ON STUFF HE LIKES LESS THAN STRAPS. Focus is good. Passion is excellent.