A Lagarto original design with coverage from your shoulders to your thighs. This X shaped chest harness continues down to your hip and then even lower to encircle your upper legs. Feedback has shown that thigh coverage is preferable to a crotch strap because it doesn't obstruct certain very important parts. It's a custom fit for you, with some adjustment possible. This harness can be ordered for a tight fit, normal fit, or loose fit. All harnesses in this shop are comfortable for wear on bare skin, or over a shirt.

Nine total buckles, two 2.5 inch rings, ten 2 inch rings, with 1.5 inch wide stitched straps make the harness. Folds quite small for easy portability when it's not being worn. This harness has no buckles in back. There are extra rings at the top of each shoulder, and on the chest straps sides, allowing for accessory straps to be added. Connect your hip rings to the side ribs rings. Connect a strap behind your neck from the two shoulder rings, attach leashes or restraints to any of these extra rings. The possibilities are exciting.

To get a custom fit for you, I need four measurements - your height in inches, your chest circumference in inches, your hip circumference in inches (same span as the belt line on low rise jeans), and your thigh circumference in inches. Men: measure chest just below the nipples. Women: measure chest just below the breasts. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can buy one cheap HERE, or pick one up at your local fabric shop.

This harness is built from chap leather in your choice of color. For a color swatch comparison of colors currently in Lagarto's shop, click the link on the left navigation of this website for "Finest Materials". There you will see a list of hides. If you want to talk colors and materials before ordering, please contact Lagarto at your leisure.

Chap Leather X-Chest Torso Legs Harness 9-buckle 12-ring

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